Collaboration Redefined

True collaboration is about everyone.


It means tapping into your own passions to help others around you. It means measuring your own success by how you’ve contributed to the success of others.


Not just your own passions and interests, but the beliefs, and dreams of the people around you.


A willingness to risk everything to get it right, even if it means putting personal gain on the line to do whats best for the team.


Step out of your comfort zone  to further your own growth and the improvement of the whole team. It's about learning from our experiences and learning from each other

If you put people first, good things happen.

Flipping The Power Structure

We used to be a top-down employee-friendly company that really cared for it's employees. But, we knew we could do better than just create a decent workplace.

Now, we involve our team at every level. It's an employee-centered approach that makes ADK one of the most meaningful and productive companies to work for.

Doing Business with ADK

We look at your business as a relationship that requires commitment and trust. We want to work with companies that share our dedication to collaboration and people. It really is our Ultimatum.


At ADK, our own success is measured by the success of everyone around us.

True Collaboration.

We live it everyday on every project.

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